CANSA Relay For Life

Fight Back

At the heart of CANSA Relay For Life is the opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors, to remember those who have left us and create awareness about cancer.

CANSA Relay For Life Summit 2018

Highlights of the CANSA Relay For Life Summit 2018


Sonia Pretorius

“I have to fight for my community”

I will continue to be part of CANSA Relay For Life until there is a white paper bag on the side of the track with my face on it. I just can’t myself not being part of this amazing event.


Shaunaghlee Ann Botha

“Cancer is not a death sentence”

Cancer not only affects the survivor but the whole family and all of the friends of the survivor. We must remember that and celebrate them as well as the survivor.


Santana Campobasa

“CANSA Relay For Life has become family”

Being part of CANSA Relay For Life has greatly enriched my life with the ability to inspire not only others but myself as well. I am very thankful to be able share my story and give other survivors hope and showing them that miracles do exist.CANSA Relay For Life has become my family and cancer ha


Monica Lotter

“Cancer is a fact and fighting it, is my mission”

I could not believe how many people were affected by cancer in some way. There are so many South Africans diagnosed with cancer each day. This event can spread cancer awareness and give hope to cancer survivors, their families and caregivers.


Ianthe Muller

“Together we can”

I participate in CANSA Relay For Life to show other survivors and caregivers that they are not alone and together we can.


“I want to inspire others”

We must celebrate life as survivors and show people that life can continue despite a cancer diagnosis. We must support those receiving treatment, and I find it very special to light candles and pay tribute to those who have lost their battle against cancer.


Deidre Carter

“I too now consider myself a survivor”

Woman need to make more aware of the prevalence and risks of breast cancer. That they can live a productive and normal life after a mastectomy


Christelle Strauss

“It could never happen to me”

I was happy with my achievements and satisfied where I was at in my life. Then, BANG: “You have breast cancer.”


Inaugural CANSA Hope Picnic hosted in Mbombela

The first ever CANSA Hope picnic was introduced by the CANSA Relay For Life Mbombela (Nelspruit) committee. This enchanting night picnic took place on 8 March at the Lowveld Botanical Gardens with the gates open from 18:00 to 22:00. Luminaria bags lined the entrance path leading the picnic goers to the hope garden. These beautiful […]


“Men can’t get breast cancer, or can they?”

Bobby felt a pea sized lump next to his right nipple. After further investigation his wife insisted he should go and see the doctor. Bobby, being stubborn, told his wife it was nothing and ignored the lump.

About six months later he went to the doctor for a routine check-up and showed the doctor the painless lump. The doctor immediately referred him to a surgeon. Again Bobby was stubborn and thought that it was a waste of money.



CANSA - The Cancer Association of South Africa

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